Featured Craft Artist at The Gallery, Mogo David John—Woodturner, Carver and Sculptor

David John is the first Featured Craft Artist at The Gallery in Mogo. The past President of Creative Arts Batemans Bay Incorporated (CABBI), he has been active in the wood (turning and carving), metal and stone (sculpture) working crafts for a number of years and is very supportive of other interested artists.

David’s interest in woodworking was first aroused in the early nineties when visiting a wood turning stall at a local market. David persuaded a somewhat surprised, and initially reluctant stallholder to conduct a workshop at the local art centre. David says, “From then on I was hooked.”

Over the years, David has immersed himself (and family!) in the craft, collecting wood from as far afield as Echuca in Victoria and Strahan in Tasmania. Some of the best people in the field, namely wood turner Richard Raffan from Canberra and sculptor and wood carver Torben Jensen from The Blue Mountains have been mentors and/or co-exhibitors with David.

Most of the objects on display are beautifully turned bowls in different Australian timbers and of different shapes and sizes. A large, almost spherical bowl in river red gum is also embossed around the rim with metal studs. The unique finish of each bowl enhances the subtle quality of the wood grain or burl. David says, “One of the things I like about working with timber is its very tactile quality—it can appeal to the senses of touch and smell as well as visually”.

David doesn’t just work with wood. Carved out of Hebel, a manufactured stone, is an impressive, prize winning sculpture on show called ‘Reclining Nude’. David says “Hebel is very easy to work with, but not very forgiving. I usually work in abstract and geometric forms, so I had to step out of my comfort zone with the softer curves in this one.”

David’s work can be seen at “The Gallery” in Mogo and as “Featured Craft Artist” until October 24.

The Gallery is a co-operative venture of CABBI, an association open to local arts and crafts practitioners. People interested in finding out more about CABBI should drop in to The Gallery or phone 02 4474 2243.

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