Editorial September 15th, 2017

Welcome to this week’s editorial, Just in time for the School Holidays comes the launch of a brand new Eurobodalla wide Tourism Website. Today sees the launch of the website and while it is still being worked on in essence it is up and running and ready for our influx of visitors. What makes this website any different from the others such as Visit NSW, Destination NSW or event the Eurobodalla Tourism website? For a start it is comprehensive. Not only does the website deliver the standard tourism information of What to SEE, What to DO and Where to GO it delivers and advises visitors of ALL the major accommodation options as well as ALL of the primary eating out spots and it promotes ALL of the tourism associated sights and activity providers. And it does so in a very smooth, easy to navigate ONE STOP shop website that is also mobile phone compatible.

Developed by South Coast Beagle the website is inclusive. That means ALL businesses are listed equally without the visitor wondering what businesses aren’t listed as is often the case with websites that rely on membership or signing up. Visitors usually have to trawl through several sites to find what they are looking for which has them bouncing around the net in frustration. The South Coast Travel Guide covers South Durras to the Tilbas and this week will begin to promote the website nationally. The site also focuses on the area of accessibility and also the needs of metropolitan visitors who have “recharge anxiety” with their electric vehicles. Both groups are presently under catered for in the shire yet both require accurate information in order to plan for their holidays. Rather than relying on a dataset questionnaire that asks if accommodation is “wheel chair” accessible the South Coast Travel Guide only lists those sites that have made a commitment on their websites to clearly describe how they cater for accessibility needs. The site also carries the Flyers that visitors often find in Visitor Information booths on their arrival. Whilst Batemans Bay and Narooma still have Visitor Information Centres that provide local providers with a spot for their flyers these allocated spots are limited and, to many visitors, the information comes to late as they have already planned their travel itineraries and day to day activities well ahead. The South Coast Travel Guide is steadily building an online Flyer Display Board so that visitors can read the flyers BEFORE they arrive. With this information at hand there is every hope that visitors might find more to do in the area and stay an extra day or two. The new travel website also provides a rich array of embedded tourism videos that showcase the area and the activities available. Once again it is hoped that these promote a longer stay and also add a greater depth of insight of what is Eurobodalla and why it really is a very special part of the world. The website also has an on-line translation that automatically translates into the default language of the visitor to the website in readiness for the many foreign visitors who now visit the area. Until next, lei

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