And no-one took the funding shortfalls seriously enough to say "hang on"

The Beagle Editor

The way the New Bridge for Batemans Bay has been being developed is a classic example of State and Local Government Public Servants and Bureaucrats performing in the dictatorial fashion as they commonly do. What occurred at the Eurobodalla Council on Tuesday September 12 2017 was inexcusable. The councillors dealing with the matter, which was the endorsement of a submission already sent to the State Governments Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) generally showed no concern what so ever for the shire’s residents and their views or opinions on the State Governments ideals for a new Bridge over the Clyde River at Batemans Bay. One of the Councillors may even have had a conflict of interest with family connections as well that should have been declared. The really unfortunate part though was if Councillors had supported a deferral of the matter and met with the RMS officials about it a better outcome may well have been the result. A meeting with the RMS officials and others is supposed to occur as resolved by the Councillors to discuss the Princes Highway Corridor and future possible improvements. That meeting is long overdue. That meeting should have occurred before now but for some reason hasn’t. One can only guess the reasons for that not occurring. What has occurred now though is those who supported the submission about the New Bridge have supported the Princes Highway route at Batemans Bay the way it currently is aligned for many years to come. One hundred years perhaps. Council always said it would not have a gateway entrance to the shire that was just an Industrial strip like you see in South Nowra. Well guess what Council. That is exactly where you are heading and unless they turn left into Beach road they will just keep driving south thinking that Batemans Bay, the famous seaside town is further south. Now there's some town planning for you. Those who supported the Council Staff prepared submission about the New Bridge really have let the shires residents down in a very big way. The "unfunded" add ons in the submission could easily require another significant rate rise to support what the RMS are not prepapred to fund in restorations and foreshore modifications.

Allan Brown