100 Years Ago - September 8th, 1917

Shire-wide news extracts from the Moruya Examiner of 8 September 1917, provided by the Moruya & District Historical Society:

ILL AGAIN. – Private Edmund James Turner, son of Mr. George Turner, of Deua River, is reported ill for a second time.

RAINFALL. Braidwood on Thursday night last week had a rainfall of 48 points as against Moruya’s quota of 14 points, and for the month 155 points, Moruya’s total for the same period being only 60 points.

TO CARTERS. – Mr. J. E. Lavis is inviting tenders for the removal of the material of the Mogo School of Arts to his property “Hope Branch” Bateman’s Bay.

WESTERLY WINDS. – During the past month or six weeks this district has hardly had a day’s immunity from strong cold and now hot westerly winds.

BUSH FIRES. – During the week a fire, which started somewhere near the Bergalia road, was carried by the strong westerly winds right down to the sea coast at Congo, destroying hundreds of acres of grass and a quantity of fencing. Councillor John Bate, of Tilba Tilba, informed our Rep that when coming to Moruya on Tuesday a bush fire was raging to the South West of Narooma, and as the Public School premises were in imminent danger of demolition, fires were lighted to meet the oncoming flames for its protection.

We are pleased to report that Mrs. T. Tarlinton of “Fair View,” Cobargo is now convalescing.

DON’T miss Charlie Chaplin in the Pawnshop, Wednesday September 19th at Star Theatre.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman McIlvride and child are now on a visit to Moruya and are staying at Mallet’s Hotel Adelaide.

SCHOLASTIC. – Miss O’Keefe, of Guilford, has been appointed to the position previously occupied by Mr. H. Head, in the Moruya Public School.

SPRING SALE. – Owing to the express wish of sellers, R. H. Harvison has decided to defer his Bateman’s Bay Spring Stock Sale until rain comes.

PADDOCKS FOR LEASE. Mr. A. F. Emmott is advertising his three “Brae” paddocks for lease, separately or in one lot. These paddocks are contiguous to town and should command a decent rental.

RAIN WANTED. – Many of our householders as well as farmers throughout the district are crying out for rain. Domestic tanks have given out and several families are either borrowing from neighbours or carting water from further afield. Rain is also badly needed by our dairymen and farmers.


Mrs Revaillion of Turlinjah, has received the following interesting letter from her son Pvt. W. Revailion:- Fun Ward, Royal Herbert Hospital,Woolwich

Dear mother, -- No doubt you and all at home would like to know something of my doings in France. It was the middle of winter when I arrived in France, everything bare and leafless and cold. They used to say in Australia “think of poor Belgium.” Will I ever forget it, No! The people too looked worried and broken spirited. I spent 3 weeks in a tunnelling corps. At last our chance came we were taken out of the lines to train for the great attack. At length the hour arrived, all were ready and fell in fighting order on 6th June. It was now 2 o’clock, an hour to wait, oh! What a long hour that seamed. At length the order came “Get ready,” we all got a good hold of our rifles and stood ready. There was a dull sickening explosion and the earth simply rocked like a cradle. The mine had gone up, it was our signal to go forward. In what seemed a few seconds we were among the Germans, most of them in front were dead or wounded.

It was in the second attack that I was put out of action by a bursting shell which killed my good and tried mate, Dick Osborne of Port Kembla. My wounds are not serious, thank goodness, the upper arm is shattered and will keep me in hospital for a few months. I am having a good rest here, Mother mine, so do not worry about me. Remember me to all my old friends, and with best love from your ever loving son


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