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There are many in the Eurobodalla who have a fond regard for the Murrah Hall south of Bermagui. For decades it has been the community hall for functions, for meetings, for gatherings and for music and the arts. For those with an interest in the hall here is a message from the Murrah Hall President. Murrah fans, we need your support :)

HI Everyone

I’m writing with news of the Hall’s activities and developments.

I am also asking for feedback about your Murrah experience which will be part of a community response - a collective letter of support for the application for funding from the NSW Govt's Regional Cultural Funding program.

~Activities and Developments~

This has been a slow starting year for the Hall but as we progress towards years end the pace seems to be not quickening but galloping!

Our Working Bee was incredibly successful:

-Our storage and BBQ areas are freed up -Toilet block stairs and railings repainted -Ramp and deck boards replaced -Supper room window frames lovingly restored and re-painted -Kitchen re-organised

The whole area looks crisper and neater, more defined.

Thanks to BVSC 355 Group we have a new septic system and recent funding approval to re-do the carpark and Hall surrounds surfaces. No more ‘gullies’. Well, hopefully, not for a while.

~The Hall and extension will be repainted next year~

-We are scheduled to commence construction in September of the Changing/Secure Storage rooms at the rear of the Hall -We also hope to replace the stage walls (currently old and in places cracked) -Re-paint the internal Hall ceiling - we’ll have donated scaffolding from Bermagui Slipways -Re-paint the water tank and Container -Make all exterior lighting LED

From October - December we have Seven shows : see poster below. We have had to say no to a further 2 shows (late enquiries) as there is only so much we can do, given you, our audience pool, and the demands on our Committee and Volunteers to support these events. But what a range of theatre and entertainment - something for everyone and for most - more than one! The Murrah Spoken Word Arvo is a Community Event.

~Regarding our grant applications:

We are applying for funding with NSW Government for a $60,000.00 grant from the Regional and Cultural Development Fund.

Essentially, we are asking funding for a lighting upgrade to LED, an extra lighting bar and the installation of a mid range PA sound system. Both systems are digital (sound desk is both analog/digitally compatible)

Any funds left in the application will be linked with Murrah Money for the material and construction cost of additional portable rostra.

We are also applying to Mumbulla Foundation for commercial cooking pots, rice cooker and a new fridge.

Externally the Murrah will look the same - just a bit sharper.

Internally we hope to be the best resourced, most flexible, intimate venue outside capital cities.

It’s what we deserve.

~How can you support us?

Please email to a signed short note of support mentioning your experience of the Murrah: What you’ve seen - How you enjoyed it and how often and or how long you’ve been attending.

Also a comment on catering and general ambience would be great

This week please (deadline Sept 4)

Thank You - Howard, Murrah Prez

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