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Why the rush? Really?

Dear Beagle Editor

From Office of Sport website re grant funding

The NSW Government is determined to ensure regions remain vibrant communities. The Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund will ensure that NSW has a network of spaces and places that enable quality sport and active recreation participation and performance at all levels.

The fund objectives are to:

  • increase the number and type of regional level sporting facilities

  • improve the standard of existing regional level sporting facilities

  • increase participation opportunities in sport

  • provide infrastructure that enables economic growth and boost productivity.

The fund remains open to applications year-round.

If council is seeking the bulk of the funding through the Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund with NO CLOSE OFF DATE and only a small portion from Regional Cultural Fund which has a close off date of 4/9/2017, what’s the rush?

If the building is to house both facilities, why not split the grant applications down the middle?

Does an ‘aquatic leisure centre’ with only a 25m pool constitute a ‘sporting facility’ to meet the objectives of the grant funding and if it does not, then perhaps the application for funding for a ‘sporting’ facility will fail. What is the real reason for the rush?

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