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Greens call for a HALT to Mogo logging

At an onsite inspection last Wednesday of the logging site behind between Mogo and Malua Bay NSW Greens MP Dawn Walker was aghast at what she saw and has called for an urgent suspension of work. Visiting the Dunns Creek area at the invitation of a local Eurobodalla collective of ecologists, conservationists and environmentalist she saw first hand their specific concerns about logging in the area.

In a statement to the Beagle the Greens MP said "Mogo State Forest is an enormous asset for the local community and clearly a popular area for bushwalking and mountain bike riding. It's also home to an abundance of species, including Wombats, Greater Gliders and Glossy Black Cockatoos and Spotted Tail Quolls that must be protected from logging operations. "I've never seem so many wombat burrows in one place and it's alarming that the community has had to take action to identify these burrows themselves so that they aren't crushed during logging operations. I'm also concerned that there are many old growth trees that Forestry Corporation haven't marked for protection, which should not be logged or damaged under any circumstance.

"The Greens are calling for an urgent suspension of logging operations in Mogo State Forest and a shift of the forestry industry into sustainably-managed plantations, instead of our precious native forests" said Dawn Walker.

Above: a photo provided to the Beagle last week showing the clearing to date in one area

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