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The New Batemans Bay Bridge

Dear Beagle Editor,​ Batemans Bay is getting a new bridge! This is fantastic news, and about time. But before the September 1st deadline, when all decisions will be final, I urge residents and rate payers to consider some of the "gotcha's". 1: There will be no access to Wharf Road, except via Peninsula Drive. Those of us who regularly stop at the park adjacent to the (old) bridge will either enter via Peninsula Drive, and then return via the same path, or not use it at all. 2: There will be an increase in traffic, due in part to the convenience of having the new bridge (it is designed to "link" North and South Batemans Bay as one community), and by the access for large B-doubles and other heavy transports, not necessarily benefiting Batemans Bay. The issue here is that, at the same time, Council are planning for a revamp of the Batemans Bay pool area, Bowling club etc. Part of THAT brief is to facilitate easier access between that area (MacKay Park) and the Batemans Bay CBD. How is that going to happen with a 6-lane highway and increased traffic density and mass going right through it? Surely Council could/should come up with a plan that satisfies both aims? Maybe having the bridge approach from the South, skirt around to the West of Mackay Park? Then reduce the current Princes Highway to one lane as it will only serve local traffic? Then the pool, Bowling club, mini-golf etc would be more part of the CBD. Pedestrian access AND disabled access would be facilitated between the two. The only casualty would be a reduced (or relocated??) football ground. Signed - Concerned.