Gas bottles that go BOOM in the night

This week has been a very busy one for the Moruya Rural Fire Brigade Last night they were paged to grass/bushfire just out of town with Moruya 1 and 7 attending. The property owner had small pile burn which had escaped however the burn also resulted in a gas bottle exploding after it ruptured in the heat. Adding to this a pile of tyres was also set afire. The boom could be heard throughout Moruya. The Brigade comment that "This is our 3rd call today to escaped pile burns, it is extremely dry so all piles MUST be closely monitored to ensure they remain secure and do not escape. These incidents can very easily and quickly escalate to big incidents with our dry conditions." Yesterday the brigade were paged to grass/bushfire in Congo with Moruya 1 responding to a small area that was reported to be alight but was established to be a controlled burn by property owner. Moruya assisted in putting out a couple of trees that had caught alight high up. This is another great response from crews however the community are reminded to be more than cautious in the windy conditions we are having and the vegetation being so dry.

Photos: Moruya Rural Fire Brigade

"Please ensure you make sure all burns are secured even regularly during the day as when it heats up it may reignite. Even though some grass looks greenish, everything is tinder dry at the moment and will easily burn." It is reported that last weekends hazard reduction burn conducted by the Moruya Rural Fire Brigade burn couldn't have gone any better. "Weather was perfect and burn completed without a hitch. Smoke may still be visible for the coming days but be assured that the property owner will be closely monitoring and RFS crews will be patrolling at regular intervals." Well done to all crews involved.

Photos: Moruya Rural Fire Brigade

Eurobodalla will be starting the Bushfire Danger Period on 1st September, after this date permits are required for burning of any sort with the exception of a small cooking fire which must be small and contained, you also must be cooking on it, marshmallows do not count. For further info visit the RFS website. For permits in the Eurobodalla area, contact the Moruya Fire Control Centre on 02 4474 2855. Thanks to the Moruya Rural Fire Brigade for their community reports

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