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Broulee Runners August 23rd, 2017

Perfect running conditions helped the 41 starters in Wednesday’s Broulee Runners and Walkers event.

We welcomed Jared Searson from Queensland visiting his parents Maureen and Paul, who are regulars at our event.

Personal best times were recorded by KA Whyte and Daisy West in the 2 kilometres, Emma Patyus in the 3 kilometres and Harrison Gilligan, Anthony Miles, Bridget Lunn, Mary Anderson and Julianne Domeny in the 5 kilometres.

Cathy West received her 30-run shirt this evening. Cathy started with the group on 12 November 2014.

She was inspired by her boy Sunni, who was a regular at that time.

Husband David and daughter Daisy soon followed to form the complete running West family, who have completed a total of 106 runs between them.

Cathy’s personal best in the 2 kilometres is an excellent time of 8.11 set on 9 August this year.

Above: Sunni, Daisy and proud mother Cathy.

BROULEE RUNNERS RESULTS WEDNESDAY 23 AUGUST 2017 2 Kilometres Cathy West 8.32 KA Whyte 10.24 Jill Brown 10.45 Jessica flood 11.09 Erin Domeny 11.26 Amber Domeny 11.33 Daisy West 11.36 David West 11.37 Emily Dickinson 14.09 Bruce Dickinson 14.10 Travis Dummett 16.44 Kathryn Jeffery 16.57 Maureen Searson 17.35 Liz Pirro 20.14 Jo Pirro 20.14 3.5 Kilometres Emma Patyus 16.39 Cameron Lunn 18.15 Sandra Lunn 20.33 Vaughn Gilligan 20.57 Paul Searson 21.01 Robyn Kennedy 26.44 5 Kilometres Harrison Gilligan 20.54 Dylan Van Der Meulen 21.16 Anthony Miles 22.21 Adrian Connor 22.53 Morgan Pettit 23.11 Gary Ashton 23.31 Dave Connaughton 24.09 Greg Flood 24.22 Nev Madden 24.56 Bridget Lunn 25.13 Andrew McPherson 25.30 Jared Searson 25.32 Mary Anderson 26.06 Brock Gilligan 26.34 Stephanie Lunn 27.51 Deb Connaughton 28.13 Sunni West 29.51 Julianne Domeny 30.12 John Hicks 30.22 Damia O’Loughlin 35.59 41 Starters

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