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Narooma students represent France in Canberra

Narooma High’s team at the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) in Canberra at the weekend had ‘an amazing time’ and did Narooma proud.

MUNA is an annual Rotary youth programme which this year attracted over 70 students from 26 schools across the eastern states, including from all five secondary schools in Eurobodalla Shire.

MUNA provides students with the extraordinary experience of contributing to a United Nations General Assembly style debate in Old Parliament House, the aim being to increase international understanding and goodwill.

This is the fourth year Narooma has fielded a team thanks to the support and dedication of teacher Lachlan Reilly and Narooma Rotarians Sandra Doyle and Lynda Ord.

‘Each school team represents a different nation and debates contemporary global issues from that country’s point of view, and this year Narooma represented France.’ Mrs Doyle said.

Narooma Year 11 students Cyann Vlatovic, Campbell Allison and Isaak Anderson put in a lot of work over many lunchtimes before the weekend gaining an understanding of France’s history, politics, economics and particular stance on world affairs.

Unfortunately a gastric wog prevented Campbell from attending, much to his disappointment.

‘We didn’t realise until late on Friday night that Campbell still had all the notes and arguments for the resolutions,’ Mrs Doyle said.

‘Not to be daunted, Cyann worked with us to put her arguments together. She then led the team through the weekend with great maturity.’

Issues debated over the weekend included North Korea, violence against women, nuclear disarmament, the Syrian situation and regulating international migration.

Mrs Doyle said they were very impressed with all the students at MUNA.

‘We think we’re in safe hands with such knowledgeable, wise and thoughtful young leaders coming through. Their thoughts on many provocative resolutions were well researched with many quite lateral ideas on solving issues.’

MUNA is organised by the Rotary Club of Canberra Sunrise with support from the Australian National University (ANU).

Students visited ANU while in Canberra and were joined by diplomats from some of the countries they represented at a dinner party on Saturday night.

MUNA is one of many Rotary programmes available to our local youth, including many fabulous science programmes. Please contact Lynda Ord (0412 168 115) or Sandra Doyle (0408 298 233) for more information

Above : Rotary MUNA 2017 - Narooma’s team representing France at MUNA at Old Parliament House in Canberra consisted of Narooma High Year 11 students Cyann Vlatovic (front left) and Isaak Anderson; Narooma Rotarian Sandra Doyle (back left), Narooma High teacher Lachlan Reilly and Rotarian Lynda Ord.

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