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Arts and Health supported by the community

South East Arts is surging ahead with their regional Arts & Health Strategy, as they welcome Gabrielle Powell to the new position of Arts and Health Project Officer as a direct result of their recent SWELL fundraising campaign.

Ms Powell will be supporting the development of arts and health approaches and initiatives in health care settings across the south east region. She will develop connections and alliances between the arts community and health services in the region. The projects will partner with both public and community health organisations, and make meaningful contributions to both artistic practice and health and wellbeing goals. South East Arts' General Manager, Andrew Gray says, "Local priorities include the cultural integrity, health and wellbeing of Aboriginal communities; mental health, wellbeing and resilience amongst young people and creative ageing for older people."

Above: South East Arts' new chair, Ian Campbell with the Arts & Health Project Officer Gabrielle Power and General Manager Andrew Gray.

"The employment of an Arts & Health Project Officer is a direct result of the community's support of this initiative," he said. South East Arts is keen to hear from local artists, creative people, musicians and performers who have experience working in an arts and health setting, or who are interested in building skills in this area.

South East Arts is particularly interested in hearing from Aboriginal visual artists in the region who would like to be considered for a current project to create designs for welcome signage at public health facilities in the region.

If you would like to join the register of arts and health workers and organisations, you can contact Gabrielle at at the South East Arts office on 6492 0711 or visit the website

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