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If THEY build it will they come?

The Beagle Editor,

Much is being said at the moment in the Local Media about what could eventually occur in Batemans Bay in regard to a new Aquatic Centre and Performing Arts Centre. Meetings are being held to discuss ideas, however the majority of those who will pay if anything eventually occurs have been left right out of the ideas and brainstorming discussions, for what reason? The interesting thing with all the talk is, have the demographics been part of the discussions. Is the local population large enough to support the expectations of those lobbying for the Aquatic Centre and Performing Arts centre. Can the general population afford to use such facilities, where will the money come from to support the facilities if they are under-utilised. These questions need to be addressed early in any discussions and supporting evidence provided if its claimed they won’t be a long term community liability. If THEY build it and we don't like it they won't come and if THEY set the admission fee too high in order to cover the costs of maintenance... guess what ... they won't come either. So maybe it is time for THEM to ask the community what they want and what they are prepared to pay for.

Allan Brown