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Batemans Bay community beginning to ask the big questions

Dear Beagle Editor, Lots of meetings on Batemans Bay Bowling club, open space, recreation, revitalising CBD'

Do we feel like we are being heard/ NO !!!.

You must be joking. How about a little bit of transparency in large issues that affect the Eurobodalla locals.

Is Council listening?

Lots of committees, yet everything is "rubber stamped" to make money for Council.

What about the rate payers who live here 365 days a year and their quality of living here in what could be paradise?

Where is respect for the community? Name and address supplied. Editors Extra: On the issue of NOT being kept informed and Council appearing to do what it wants this letter also came in this morning. Dear Beagle Editor, Spine Road The new spine road is funded by the RMS as it will be a RMS road once completed. The Road has no end destination yet decided by the RMS where it joins the Highway. Why are ESC workers working O/T weekends on a road with no end destination and no time line to be completed. I guess when you are given 10 million you need to spend it somehow. Perhaps the Beagle could ask council this question. In anticipation of council claiming that they need the workers for other projects. Council has no large projects forthcoming at this present time or near future, possible waste of money! Red Rocket Dear Red, According to Council's Spine Road information page: "May 2017Council’s Director of Infrastructure Services, Warren Sharpe, said Council will complete its section of the roadworks by the end of 2018 when the new roundabout at the intersection of Glenella Road and George Bass Drive is built. However, the highway intersection treatment remains unresolved. Andrew Constance, Member for Bega, confirmed he was continuing to advocate to the Minister for Roads for vital funding for this necessary intersection upgrade."

Above Council video published on May 16, 2017 Take a drone flight over work underway on the south Batemans Bay link road, now officially titled 'Glenella Road'. This road will connect the Princes Highway and George Bass Drive at Batehaven and Heron Road in Catalina will also be extended to join the new link road as part of this project. The roads will provide an alternative route for traffic to bypass the Batemans Bay CBD and Beach Road. As to why workers would be working overtime ? It might pay to contact Council directly and see what they say.