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Stop fence sitting Ann and join the Rainbow Connection

An open letter to Ann Sudmalis and the Liberal Government,

Dear Ann,

$122 million for a postal vote that is non compulsory and dismissed by your Government if they don't like the result - Really ?

Back in 2015 the Illawarra Mercury reported your claims of opposition to same-sex marriage, reflecting the views of your electorate, but hundreds of people who’ve signed an online petition disagreed with you. Your comment to the media at the time..... “We have a very conservative seat and from the huge number of emails and letters I have received, people don’t want to see a change. So, I will be saying no,” “I have sat and spoken to a number of people in same-sex relationships, including a caring couple with young children.They are in a very close and caring relationship and that is their choice. “While I have the greatest of respect for them, at this stage our local community is pretty consistent in saying they are not happy with marriage equality.” So Ann, if I vote YES because I believe that the relationship my friends and work collegues and neighbours have and the relationship that all gay Australians have is NONE of my business YOU can overrule that even if the vote comes back 99% YES. On the Power FM website last week (Aug 4th) it reported The Shoalhaven group representing the LGBTI community says it’s disappointed Gilmore MP Ann Sudmalis won’t be changing her mind on supporting a plebiscite on Same Sex Marriage. The Australian reports the idea of a postal vote is gaining momentum within Coalition ranks as the Federal Liberals remain divided on the issue. Spokesperson for Marriage Equality Gilmore Dawn Hawkins says the idea of a plebiscite is dead and buried. "I'm not too sure at what point she's (Ann Sudmalis) going to believe that the people of Gilmore strongly support marriage equality and in majority support marriage equality". But confusingly the same website reported on August 2nd, two days before "Ann Sudmalis says she'll continue to support a plebiscite on same sex marriage 02 August 2017. "The Federal Member for Gilmore says she will continue to back a plebiscite on Same Sex Marriage because that’s what she took to the last election. "The Guardian reports Eric Abetz has warned the Liberals crossing the floor on same sex marriage is a grave matter which may destabilise the party and force them to lose the next election. "Ann Sudmalis says she would then be prepared to back what ever decision Gilmore voters return if a plebiscite were to be held. "I'm given to understand that the electoral commission can actually sort out what the voting pattern is for Gilmore itself and so what ever that voting for Gilmore was, that was the way I was going to vote", Ms Sudmalis said. In February this year the Sydney Morning Herald reported "However, in Gilmore, where Liberal Ann Sudmalis has not revealed her stance on same-sex marriage but has previously dismissed it as a "side issue", support for a free vote was at 57.5 per cent." Not Happy Ann Name and address supplied

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