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National Parks are seeking volunteers as Montague Island tour guides

To support NPWS Field staff in the delivery of conservation outcomes, and with annual day tour visitor numbers increasing, the NPWS conducted a trial of the delivery of day tours by volunteers in early 2017. This trial was successfully completed in Easter 2017.

After a review of the trial, NPWS has decided to introduce volunteer guides to conduct day tours.

It is expected that volunteers will live and work on Montague Island NR for the duration of their shift. There will be a NPWS presence on Montague Island Nature Reserve at all times during the volunteer experience.

Volunteers must be willing to conduct tours to paying members of the public whilst on-shift.

Vessel transport will be aboard the NPWS vessel Shearwater II, with accommodation provided in the shared living quarters in the Assistant Keepers North quarters.

The supervisor & trainer for the Montague Island Nature Reserve Volunteer Guide Program is Cassandra Bendixsen - the Narooma-based Discovery Coordinator; with volunteers liaising directly with the NPWS Montague Island Nature Reserve Duty Officer regarding daily volunteer guide tasks whilst on the island.

When not conducting tours on behalf of NPWS, all other time on Montague Island NR is free

NPWS is anticipating that volunteers will sign up for 2-3 Montague shifts throughout the year.

Volunteers will be provided with thorough individual and/or group training and support prior to their stay on Montague; ensuring they feel comfortable and able to deliver tours to a high standard.

On arrival on-shift on Montague Island, volunteers will then be given an induction regarding relevant tour and island operations, before ‘shadowing’ a NPWS staff member in the delivery of a full tour prior to conducting any tour themselves.

During the peak visitor and wildlife season NPWS requires two volunteers stationed on the island at all times to support NPWS staff in the delivery of tours. At all other times, only one volunteer may be required.

At this stage of the program, the role of the volunteer will be to deliver day tours only. Aboriginal people are encouraged to apply for this program.

If you are interested, please email for application details, roster details, the Montague Island Nature Reserve code of conduct and the Volunteer Guide Program, details on a minimum level of fitness required for the role. Be sure to provide your Full name, Address Telephone contact in your email. Note that prior to being appointed, all volunteers must provide:

A Working with Children Check (free for volunteers and valid for 5 years)

A National Police Check

Two personal references

Accommodation on Montague is not suitable for families or children under 18.

All overnight visitors to Montague Island Nature Reserve must agree to the terms and conditions for a visit to Montague as set out in the attached Code of Conduct.

Click HERE for the Volunteer Guide Program

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