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Tuross Head Progress Assoc minutes August meeting


Agenda of the meeting to be held on Thursday, 3rd August 2017 at the Kyla Park Hall, Tuross Head

The Meeting commenced at 2.05 pm with Mr Gary Cooper in the Chair.

Welcome back to the Kyla Hall and the inherent hall hire fees, charged at hourly rate, hence the need for brisk meetings to contain costs.

Attendees: 20 Members signed the Register.

Apologies: (15)

Invited Guests in Attendance.

None - Deputy Mayor Anthony Mayne did not respond to the Invitation



Monthly meeting held 6th July 2017. Acceptance: Proposed by Secretary, seconded Graham Pratt. CARRIED


To be dealt with under separate reports later in the meeting.


The esteemed Treasurer, Joan Buchan, read out the following financial statement which forms part of the Minutes. In summary, as follows:

THPA General Account Balance: @ 3 August 2017 $5,462.26

Receipts: 52 x Member Subscriptions = $ + $260.00

Working Account Balance = $5,722.26

THPA Cycle/walk Accounts:

Cycleway Working A/c balance as at 3 August 2017 $4,839.96

Receipts: Bank interest Quarter +_$__NIL_______

Updated working balance at 3 August 2017 = $4,839.96

Payments/Expenses - Outgoings:

Cycle/walk working balance @ 6 July 17 = $4,839.96

Plus Fixed Term Deposit $20,000.00

Cycle/walk Accounts Total as at 3 August =$24,839.96

Total Funds ($ 5,722.26 plus $24,839.96 )

as at 3 August 17 = $30,562.22. Acceptance of the above financial report was proposed by Treasurer (Joan Buchan), and seconded by Leonie Beers. CARRIED


Currently 146 financial members, up from 28 members in September 2016), an overall increase of 118 members (taking into account the loss of three THPA members that have sadly passed away). To date 82 are financial members, with the remaining 64 members being chased for their $5 membership fee for FY17/18.

At the meeting Joan Flynn kindly offered to take over the responsibilities of the MEMBERSHIP Role so John Tilbrook can concentrate on the wider administrative workload.


Correspondence activity is as recorded in the separate document issued as Attachment 1 to these Minutes. In summary 14 Items of INWARDS correspondence and 24 Items of OUTWARDS correspondence were recorded. The acting Secretary John Tilbrook moved that the summary of correspondence be accepted as a true record. Seconded: Steve Ryder. CARRIED.



MOTION. It was moved by the Secretary THPA that a door prize raffle should be conducted at each monthly meeting, with the proceeds being earmarked by the Treasurer in the General Working Account to cover the cost of hall hire fees imposed by Council. Seconded by Joan Flynn. CARRIED.

Only 20 members were present, however the inaugural door prize Raffle was then conducted at the 3 Aug 17 meeting, realising the a profit of $23.10. These proceeds being passed to the Treasurer (Joan Buchan) to defray the cost of Hall Hire, being $20.40 for the 1½ hr meeting, resulting in a modest profit of just $2.70. The Treasurer is going to bank the $23.10 raffle proceeds as a “Donation” to the General Working Account.

MOTION – Advance payment of Hall Hire fees to Council

Secretary THPA (John Tilbrook) put the Motion that the THPA should pay 6 months in advance to ESC account THPA number A10.28677 for the sum of $124.00 being for the hall hire for today’s meeting (3 Aug 17) and for the future meetings set down for 7 Sep 17, 5 Oct 17, 2 Nov 17, 7 Dec 17 & 1 Feb 18 based on 1½ meetings @13.60 per hr including 10% GST. Seconded: Ian Bingham. CARRIED.



The Secretary THPA explained that the Federal Member for Gilmore, The Hon Ann Sudmalis MP has successfully lobbied the Federal Government’s Member for Infrastructure (Darren Chester, MP) for the immediate allocation of funds from the Black Spot Program to the RMS for the completion of the work at the intersection of the Princes Highway and Hector McWilliam Road this Financial Year. This will include the concrete median strip. Steve Ryder raised a query on the RMS roadwork design which had not been promulgated, for example he would like to see the left hand overtaking lane for southbound traffic be extended to the Hector McWilliam turnoff, with the aim that all traffic in the left hand lane must turn left.

ACTION BY. The Secretary THPA was tasked by the meeting to communicate with the RMS Road Network Manager (Nathan Boscaro) on the issue of the concept design for the “T” Intersection.


A THPA letter dated 2 Aug 17 was sent to the owner of 2 Lake Street requesting the pruning of dense vegetation which impedes the clear driver sight lines at the Lake Street intersection. No response yet from the owner, but Lei Parker made the meeting aware that the landholder should not have been identified by name in the Minutes of the 6 Jul 17 dealing with this topic, with the Minutes being posted on-line verbatim in the Beagle Weekly. Lei Parker made the point quite strongly that the THPA has no business in writing to the property owner, as the nature strip is Council property, therefore if it is still required, a CSR submitted to the Ranger’s Office is the proper channel to follow.


The GREEN Army contractor returned to resume to Mirror Bush eradication project for the Council on 31 July 2017 (under the guidance of Emma Patyus ESC). It is expected that the section from Chauvel Crescent to the Tuross Memorial Gardens will be completed by 11 August 2017.


Despite all our efforts it would seem that the Council is determined to sell Lot 277 as we have been informed that the Council is not interested in any more correspondence on the matter. The disposal of Lot 277 is listed on the Agenda to be dealt with at the ESC Council meeting on Tuesday 8 Aug 17. The Secretary THPA has written submission to Council dated 14 Jul 17 requesting that the funds realised from the sale of Lot 277 be quarantined for exclusive expenditure on community projects within Tuross that the Council has been unable to progress because of funding constraints. No formal response from Council, but according to the extant 2017 Eurobodalla Recreational Open Space Strategy (ROSS) all funds derived from the sale of “surplus” community land in any township will be credited to general revenue and spent on projects anywhere across the entire shire.

ACTION BY: Secretary THPA to correspond again with Council seeking natural justice for funds derived from the sale of Lot 277 to be expended on a list of un-funded community projects in Tuross Head. The THPA is to provide priority list of such projects that the Council claims cannot be funded from the extant annual works budget.


The Secretary THPA has contacted the local aboriginal community and the Chair of the Eurobodalla Aboriginal Affairs Committee (Patricia Ellis) about the naming of the Kyla Park Recreation Reserve as the Brinja Yuin Reserve. They have agreed and welcomed this proposal that the THPA submitted to the NSW Geographic Names Board. The area referred to is the recently refurbished picnic reserve on the foreshore of Coila Lake which offers picnic shelters, park furniture, free gas BBQ’s and children’s playground equipment. If the “BRINJA YUIN Reserve” name is approved, John Tilbrook’s next aim is to raise sufficient funds from the Community to have a flagpole erected within this Reserve for flying of the Aboriginal flag over this ancient hallowed ground and shoreline on significant Aboriginal occasions.

ACTION BY: Secretary THPA to prepare a further submission to Council and to involve the Aboriginal elder groups to garner support for this worthwhile project.


The Council has cleaned the lights in the Memorial Gardens which they now think is sufficient. Janet Jones raised the question as to whether these two flood lamps in the Memorial Gardens are on timers. Secretary THPA advised that one flood lamp is on a timer, whereas the second flood light adjacent to the crushed gravel pathway never turns off which would represent an unnecessary use of electricity being billed to the Council.

Concept of a Heritage Park for Tuross

The President (Gary Cooper) and the Vice President (Chris Jones) are now working on a case for the creation of the Heritage Park. This raises three problems:

  1. The preferred Lot 277 site is no longer an Option as it is earmarked for sale by Council (to be debated as Agenda item at 8 Aug 17 meeting).

  2. The determination of what facilities should be incorporated in the proposed Heritage Park.

  3. Funding. Obviously the Council will not fund such infrastructure. When we create a floor plan we would then attempt to cost such a project then look for avenues for Grant money.

Possible sites for the Heritage Park were then discussed at the meeting. Janet Jones ruled out the use of any part of the Hector McWilliam Park from Coila to One Tree Car Park because of development restrictions. The Secretary THPA suggested the un-used Reserve on Bridges Avenue (the site of 4 unmarked graves of drowning victims – also known as Seaman’s Reserve) as it is on the main traffic and pedestrian thoroughfare.

The THPA membership will be canvassed for other suitable sites around Tuross, and to be incorporated into proposed Heritage Trail of Tuross History signposts, such as those history signs already installed along the shared cycle/walk.

Gary Cooper advised that he is chasing grant funding through the Council for the Heritage Park and Heritage Trail (which to include a bronze bust of Hector McWilliam). Lei Parker weighed in with his advice that the THPA should gear itself up for a number of shovel ready projects for Tuross, and garner the necessary endorsement by Council, so that every opportunity can be taken whenever state and federal government community grant opportunities arise.

The suggested list of ideas that should be progressed to “shovel ready” status with Council endorsement so as to be taken up when grant funding opportunities arise included, but not restricted to, the following initiatives.

a. Replacement of Children’s Playground equipment in Evans Park and the Kyla Picnic Reserve.

b. Skate Park for Tuross children and youths.

c. Cycle/Walk Missing link. Pedestrian pathway section between Nelson Parade boat ramp service road long Nelson Parade westwards to join up with the Sandy Point Reserve carpark (sic Boat Shed & Public Toilet area).

d. List of Heritage Trail signs, with completed and approved artwork.

e. New boat launching ramp on Tuross Lake foreshore in Kyla Park, project broken down into phases to enable progressive construction.

f. Replacement or complete upgrade refurbishment of the Public Toilets at Main Beach car park and at Coila Beach.

ACTION BY: 1. President (Gary Cooper) and Vice President (Chris Jones) for Heritage Park site, composition and funding avenues.

ACTION BY: 2. Secretary THPA to draft history signboards for the Heritage Trail for Council endorsement, to be installed along the cycle/walk when funding becomes available?


The new BBSC & TCG Shed has been completed at a cost of $63k. Therefore there is only $6k left out of the overall $69k budget for the Tuross Community Garden (TCG) watering system.

At a recent meeting with the Council held on 24 Jul 17 a number of alternatives were discussed as the amount of funds still available to meet the TCG wish list is inadequate, such as to fund a new 22,500 litre PVC water tank alongside the Kyla Hall to harvest rainwater from the roof. The problem has been passed back to the TCG to determine the way ahead through more cost effective alternatives, such as linking up with exiting town water reticulation supply points in Lot 91, such as those that exist on the western side of Kyla Oval.

Discussion on this topic took place. In summary only $6k was left from the $69k budget, and the Council (Kathy Arthur & Chris Tague) has invited the TCG to conduct some research into the options that could possibly be funded by the $6k and solve their assured water supply requirements .

The option of installing water tanks to harvest rainwater from Kyla Hall roof was obviously prohibitive (in the order of $13k for harvesting water off one half of the Kyla Hall roof, or $16k if plumbing was extended to harvest rainwater off the entire roof). Therefore the TCG is to negotiate its possible options with Council, in particular whether a water meter for exclusive TCG use could be installed and plumbed into the existing town reticulated water supply tap used to water the Kyla Oval.

Such a water tap exists on the western boundary behind the goal posts, a short distance from the TCG rain water storage tank. This would mean the TCG would have a reliable year round water supply for its gardens, particularly during periods of drought.

ACTION BY: TCG members (Steve Smith, Sue Sagar & Lynne Armstrong).


Lei Parker and his Skate Facility sub-committee members have completely given up their efforts to try organise a public meeting to be called for by Council to determine WHAT and WHERE from the key stakeholders, parents and the Tuross children. The WHEN would be a matter of the design and the estimated cost for a suitable skate facility championed by Council to enable avenues of funding grants to be identified and pursued?

ACTION BY. Lei Parker urged the Secretary THPA to write again to Council (Kathy Arthur & Ann Nicholson) and demand some answers as to when they will advise the THPA of when the Council is scheduled to hold a public meeting in Tuross to determine the way ahead on the WHAT, WHERE and WHEN. Elizabeth Lewis at the Pharmacy advised the Secretary THPA that she has children begging for a Skate facility in Tuross, as a decade has now passed since the concept was raised with the parents of children in garnering support for a Skate facility. According to Lei Parker there are more than 350 children in the village, such a young population warrants such a recreational facility for out of hours use and on school holidays.


The Special Meeting on 6 Jul 17 approved the adoption of Fair Trading’s new Model Constitution. The Department Fair Trading shall be advised accordingly. On 31 Jul 17 the President (Gary Cooper) submitted the required NSW Government’s Department of Fair Trading Form A6 notifying the authorities that the THPA had adopted the new Constitution wef 3 Aug 17.


Council is against passive illumination of One Tree Point as it states that it would serve to encourage anti-social behaviour and vandalism. That said the case for the Memorial Garden flood lighting is to deter the very same conduct. The Council (Tony Swallow) responded to both THPA CSR’s for the flood light and CCTV stating the installation of both was not warranted. The Council (Tony Swallow) also turned down the earlier THPA offer to fund the cost of a solar Floodlight for installation at One Tree Point, stating passive illumination would encourage anti-social behaviour and that there was an on-going maintenance cost. That said, the Council has recently funded the installation of a solar floodlight at Nelligen War Memorial.

ACTION BY: The Secretary THPA is to make a further submission to Council for the installation of a DC Floodlight or Solar powered Flood Lamp as outlined in our earlier submission. This new submission will aim to make comparisons of the conflicting inconsistencies in the Council advice provided so far to the THPA, and to again present the merits of installing after dusk illumination for public safety.


Chris Jones has had discussion with the Tuross medical centre and shop lessees about the need for a second Disabled Persons car space being made available in the present car park. If agreed this is a task that the Tuross Men’s Shed could carry through, with the disabled Wheelchair stencil being “borrowed” from the Moruya Works Depot to be painted onto the carpark surface. It is likely that the Council could donate a Disabled Parking sign to be affixed to a veranda post. Chris Jones advised that only last week a representative of the landlords property management agency (Carrington’s) visited the shopping to examine the condition of the car parking area, and had discussions with the lessees about a plan to repair the carpark and service road asphalt surfaces.

ACTION BY: The JVP, Chris Jones, will investigate further and report back at the next meeting, 7 Sep 17, on any progress being made to rectify the carpark surfaces & the concept of an additional Disabled Car Parking space.

Prologue. Chris Jones advised Secretary THPA on 8 Aug 17 that he has been in contact with the Landlord’s agents regarding the state of the carpark and who seem receptive to suggestions. He will keep the THPA informed of any developments.

DAMAGED PATHWAY – TUROSS BOULEVARDE (Council work site area opposite Island View Road intersection).

In response to a CSR submitted by Secretary THPA the Council (Matt Cormick) acknowledged the damage caused by ESC work crews, and assured the THPA that the sections of damaged pathways will be repaired in 2018 after the completion of the reconstruction of Bream Street project, as this impacted area will again be used as the Council’s worksite shed and equipment.


The Bench Seat on the shared pathway opposite 25 Tuross Boulevarde has now been refurbished by John Tilbrook with the prior approval by Council (Warren Sharpe & Karen Sydenham). A dedication plate honouring Warren & Joan Buchan has been affixed to the bench seat. Leonie & Fay Beers covertly introduced Joan Buchan to the bench seat much to her delight. The cost of materials and the engraved plaque amounting to $184 was funded privately by John Tilbrook as it was upon his own initiative that he undertook this venture.


The Tuross Medical Centre has identified need for 3 more “SHOPS” directory signs. The Secretary THPA submitted a CSR with the required justification to Council on 3 Aug 17.


Council has rejected the THPA request dated 14 Jul 17 for a FIRE HYDRANT to be installed alongside the Kyla Hall for use in the emergency of a fire due to the inadequate water supply for firefighting. The Council responded on 27 Jul 17 stating that the need for a FIRE HYDRANT at Kyla Hall does not meet with the Council policy, in that the building to be protected must be more than 500 square meters in size, whereas the Kyla Hall is only 450 square meters. Incidentally the need for a FIRE HYDRANT was put to the Secretary THPA by a concerned THRFB member.

The Secretary THPA has approached the Tuross Head Rural Fire Brigade (THRFB) seeking their informed advice via the unit commander, Captain Terry Lines, and hopefully a RFB Report setting out the unique circumstances of the Kyla Hall and the estimated RFB reaction time to a triple Zero call out to fight a fire at Kyla Hall to serve as a justification for the installation of a fire-hydrant by Council. As a public building the THRFB should also carry out an audit of the current fire-fighting appliances currently in place to protect the Kyla Hall (such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets).


Chris Jones aired the suggestion on the possibility for the date of the Tuross Village Annual Fair to be brought forward one day from the traditional Monday FAIR DATE (sic 1 Oct 17) and instead be held on a Sunday (sic 30 Sep 17) so that the event is held in the middle of the long weekend which would then attract much higher attendances. That is to say on the Monday morning of a long weekend, the visitors and holiday home owners are busy preparing and packing up to head back home and avoid FAIR attendances.

In summary if the Tuross Fair was held on a Sunday it would be much better attended. This annual event was originally orchestrated by the now defunct VRA, and this role has since been taken up by the Tuross Head Marine Rescue Unit (Unit Commander Blaise Madden). The Fair is also supported by other local organisations, including the THRFB. Discussion followed and it was suggested that when the current 5 yr license with Council to use Evans Park expires, there is the option of moving the Fair onto Kyla Park oval or Kyla Hall, as there have been some concerns from shop lessees that stall holders are taking custom away from the village shops, as some stall holders sell hardware, coffee, hot food, ice creams etc.

ACTION BY: Unit Commander Tuross Head Marine Rescue to discuss the options to change the date of the FAIR (Sunday not Monday) and the location of the Fair with other stakeholders.

It is understood that the Council license for the use of Evans Park does not expire for another 3 years.


The President (Gary Cooper) addressed the Meeting (being the second meeting of the THPA in this 2017/18 Financial Year) and asked them to consider the date for holding the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the election of the new Executive Committee Members and other Committee positions. Gary Cooper stated he has served in the President’s role for four years, and is now ready to stand down and pass the opportunity to other THPA members to nominate for the role.

In summing up, it was resolved that the AGM and the conduct of Committee elections will now be held at the next meeting being the 7 Sep 17. This Committee will manage the THPA for the remainder of Financial Year 2017/18. Prior to the AGM the Treasurer (Joan Buchan) is required to have the THPA accounts audited by an independent auditor, not a member of the THPA.

Accordingly all members need to consider who we would like to nominate for election to the vacant positions when declared at the AGM on 7 Sep 17.

The Committee positions to be filled are:


Senior Vice President

Junior Vice President

Secretary (Could be split into normal secretary and Minutes secretary).

Treasurer (Joan Buchan has fulfilled this role for 2 decades).

Membership Member

Heritage & History Member

Public Officer

Social Member

One person cannot hold down more than two appointments on the new Committee. Please do not avoid your attendance at this AGM, and bring along a prospective new member to sign up! Again, please consider volunteering a small part of your time in retirement time in fulfilling one of the vacant positions according to your talents and interests.

Please email names of volunteer nominees and preferred appointments to Secretary THPA (John Tilbrook) without delay.

Meeting closed at 3.20 pm

Gary Cooper


3 August 2017


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