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Broulee Runners report Wed 2nd August

Winds from the South Pole greeted the 48 starters in this evening’s run. This motivated everyone to take off as quickly as possible. The only exception was one small child, who took off in the opposite direction with his mother in hot pursuit.

The initial pace resulted in 13 personal best times. These were recorded by Leila and Emma Patyus, Selby Johnstone, Christian Proksch, Jo and Liz Pirro, Sunni West, Amelia Wilkes, Mary Anderson, Morgan Pettit, Greg Flood, Prue Bartlett and Brock Gilligan.

It was a night for the young athletes to shine with outstanding performances from Leila Patyus, Selby Johnstone, Sunni West and Amelia Wilkes, a special mention must go to Amber Domeny, who tackled the 5 kilometres.

Above: The young athletes doing their warm up and stretching exercises before start of the run.

2 Kilometres

Leila Patyus 8.42 Selby Johnstone 8.46 Bruce Dickinson 11.00 Patrick Wade 12.29 Daisy West 13.05 Cathy West 13.06 Makayla Wade 15.16 Betty Davis Boyden 15.17 Christian Proksch 15.22 Audrey Knobel 15.31 Regina Knobel 15.31 Roz Hayward 15.51 Susan Pettit 15.57 Rachael Wade 17.21 Victoria Fleming 17.38 Kathryn Jefferey 18.00 Jo Pirro 19.56 Liz Pirro 19.57 Aiden Johnstone 20.51 Cat Johnstone 20.52 Charley Proksch 26.22 Leo Proksch 28.47 Jo Pollock 28.56 Jenny Pollock 29.03

3.5 Kilometres

Emma Patyus 16.51 Sunni West 17.35 Julie Wilkes 17.52 Vaughn Gilligan 18.09 Amelia Wilkes 18.23 Mary Anderson 18.27 Keira Lenehan 19.54 Peter Lenehan 19.54 Damia O’Loughlin 24.25

5 Kilometres

Adrian Connor 22.25 Andrew McPherson 23.01 Morgan Pettit 23.09 Graham Hincksman 23.19 Gary Ashton 23.25 Greg Flood 23.40 Dave Connaughton 24.28 Prue Bartlett 25.22 Brock Gilligan 26.37 Ross Hayward 28.12 Deb Connaughton 29.37 Julianne Domeny 31.48 Michael Kennedy 36.32 Amber Domeny 42.41 Richard Fisher 59.59

48 Starters

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