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Council rolls out eNotices

Eurobodalla Council are rolling out their new eNotices rate payment system. A link to start ratepayers off is now being emailed to those who had previously registered for electronic rates notices delivery. A separate eNotices email introducing a unique link to the system is arriving at the same time as the latest emailed rates notice. The email with the link to eNotices has Subject: Start Using eNotices and is From: Eurobodalla Shire Council [mailto:noreply@enotices.com.au]

If you have any suspicions that the email you receive is a Phishing email and not from Council then apply standard caution and contact Council on 44741000. To the cautious an email asking you to click on a link is intimidating - especially if you click on that link to be confronted with a screen that doesn't want your old password but a NEW Password and then, on entry, asks other questions. Those considering whether they want e-notices at all are concerned of the fact that if you miss an electronic rates notice in your vast email inbox because you have chosen to only receive them electronically you could easily risk being fined for missing a payment due to a lost email. To these folks the old fashioned way of a rates notice received in the mail and stuck on the fridge suits best. The general coffee-circle discussion is that Council saves money on printing and postage however, on receipt of an emailed rates notice the ratepayer then needs to print it out (at their expense) so as not to forget and as the notice is coloured, incur the additional cost of colour printing as well. The Process: Those who are already registered for Council's e-notices might like to look for an email from Council in their inboxes (or Spam box if you ever marked Council emails as spam). After clicking on the link provided in the Subject: Start Using eNotices email ratepayers will be prompted to enter in a few details to set up. The online access is designed and provided for ratepayers convenience however notices will continue to be sent by email. As yet there is no formal Media Release from Council nor any explanatory email or letter written to ratepayers advising of the e-Notices which is unfortunate. With the increase in spams and internet scams there is an understandable disquiet and distrust of unsolicited emails and with one of the oldest demographics in NSW it would be obvious that e-Anything is often more complex and intimidating than the techno-geeks might imagine.

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