Another Sign Of A Government Falling Apart

It has been reported this week that the Nationals will be running a candidate in Eden-Monaro for the first time since 1993. This news is just another clear sign of the dysfunction and disunity of a Turnbull Government that is falling to pieces.

The last thing the people of Eden-Monaro need is two Coalition candidates bringing their Canberra political power games into our local politics again - just like Peter Henry did when he used his house in Queanbeyan to plan the spill that brought down Tony Abbott.

These are the sort of political insider games that were rejected by the people of Eden-Monaro at the last Federal Election. When they sent a clear message; they want a Member of Parliament who is passionate about the region, works hard and listens to them.

The Nationals are part of the Federal Coalition Government and have approved the funding cuts to our schools, they said nothing while the NBN rollout was botched which greatly affected people in rural and regional areas, stood by while penalty rates were slashed and they have ignored farmer’s calls for action on climate change and energy.

The Nationals are part of the State Coalition Government and approved cuts to our local TAFEs, the privatisation of hospitals and did nothing while people in rural and regional New South Wales protested against forced mergers of their local councils.

The National Party and the Liberal Party are the same party with different names. At least in Queensland they have the honesty to operate as the one party - the Liberal National Party (LNP).

So why are they talking about running two candidates in Eden-Monaro? Because the Turnbull Government is tearing itself apart.

With over 170 years of family tradition in this region, Eden-Monaro is part of my blood and I have committed the remainder of my working life to its service. I will continue to fight for the interests of rural and regional Australia as the soul of the nation, whose potential must be fully realised. Media Release

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