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Broulee Runners Wed 5th July

A winter storm blew up just before the 4.30pm start which kept numbers down for our school holiday run.

Even though there was a stiff headwind there were 7 PB's, congratulations to Sarah, Harry and Greg Leach, Alba and Dylan Van Der Meulan, Susan Pettit and Greg Flood. Greg is particularly impressive over the last two weeks with PB's on both occasions looking forward to seeing what you come up with next week.

We welcomed Charlotte, Kylie and Susan Poile who came along with friends and regular participants to runners the West family. We hope to see you all again soon.


Riley Beby 8.15 Sarah Leach 10.05 Harry Leach 10.16 Greg Leach 10.17 Alba Van Der Meulen 12.26 Dylan Van Der Meulen 12.27 Charlotte Poile 13.56 Kylie Poile 13.57 Kathryn Jeffery 14.28 Susan Pettit 15.42


Robert Poile 18.30 Sunni West 18.30 Julianne Domeny 20.22


Daniel Beby 17.27 Tom Wells 18.38 Andrew McPherson 23.59 Morgan Pettit 24.00 Greg Flood 24.02 Gary Ashton 24.06 Dave Connaughton 25.02 Deb Connaughton 28.15

21 participants

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