A few little things to deal with before moving ahead

Irrespective as to whether Council wants to put the past behind it and move ahead there are still unanswered issues that continue to raise their head along with more recent issues that add to the perceived divide that exists between Council and those in the community who have an expectation on this new council delivering the mandate that they all stood for which was openness and transparency. The Beagle has been covering most of the issues on the Council Blackboard below however these issues, when raised, are just being swept aside with what many consider as contempt, disdain or simple indifference. The community attempt to find out more only finds a solid brick wall of secrecy has been set in their path. Questions go unanswered (or inadequately answered) and phone calls and emails to most councillors are apparently rarely acknowledged or returned. The items on the Council Blackboard are NOT going to go away and, as can be seen with recent additions to the board, it appears as though the "Veil of Secrecy" will continue requiring a second blackboard to be installed. There is no doubt that the continued perception of broken management will escalate to the Office of Local Government and to the Minister of Local Government along with the Auditor General and the Ombudsman. All because there is a perception of a continued culture of secrecy and a perception of a concerted effort being made by elements within Council to NOT engage with the community in an open and transparent fashion.

A few outstanding issues to deal with ....

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