Is MS Euro leaking

The Beagle Editor,

Apparently our elected Councillors met last week end (June 3) to consider the Councils Manager's Performance. The end result being SATISFACTORY with continued employment and an extension of employment. The weekend's decision became public knowledge almost immediately. The meeting room could have been bugged the news travelled so quickly. There are some commentators in the community who are expressing dissatisfaction about the decision (7 to 2), but not acknowledging that the Councillors who are elected by the shire's residents to make decisions on their behalf, did just that; they made a decision under the community’s delegated authority as the community representatives of the council. It’s understood the decision was a majority decision. If those who aren’t satisfied with the out come want to continue to express dissatisfaction they need to publicly explain what it is they are NOT satisfied with.

They also need to remember that it is the councillors who approve delegations which allow the Council to function, not the General Manager or other staff.

Those who aren’t satisfied need to have the discussion with their elected representatives, aim at them.

Allan Brown

Catalina Editors Note: In this day and age it is possible to install malware on a phone simply by sending someone the right program attached to file that would activate its microphone. The easiest way however to place a bug in a meeting is just for someone to phone "a friend" and let the screen go black or cover the phone with a sheet of paper. Doing the same with Skype on a second open screen while pretending to be reading documents is also an old trick. Are Council in confidential meetings as "in confidential" as they think?

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