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New radio station in Mossy Point - Vision Mossy Point 87.6 FM

Thanks to the efforts of passionate locals, Mossy Point has a new sound on the airwaves.

Engaging and entertaining, Vision Mossy Point 87.6 FM sprang to life on April 21. It’s just out of its testing period.

‘We’re excited to be on air in Mossy Point and bringing you a really different radio choice,’ says Andrew 'Robbo' Robinson—one half of Vision's breakfast team. ‘Whenever a new station is switched on, it doesn’t take long before we start hearing from locals how they've found it’s engaging and actually is making a positive difference in their everyday life.’

'There's a lot of negativity about today and we want to bring something positive. You'll figure out pretty quickly we're a Christian station but don't let that stop you tuning in,' says Robbo.

Vision is about ‘Connecting Faith to Life’ and it achieves this though broadcasting contemporary music, engaging chat, encouraging real life stories, news and most other things you'd expect from a national radio station. Included in the daily line-up are programmes from renowned Christian speakers including Chuck Missler, Ravi Zacharias and Greg Laurie.

‘Sometimes when people think of Christianity, they think of something stuffy and out of touch with real life,’ Robbo says. ‘Vision’s not like that—far from it.’

‘One of our most popular programmes is Focus on the Family—it offers practical help in an area with such a great need,’ Robbo explained. ‘Many listeners are also fascinated by our regular spoken programmes which address things like events in the Middle East and how they impact all of us.’ Vision also features its own hourly news service which is syndicated to many other 'family friendly' stations across Australia.

Vision has been broadcasting since 1999 and has built a solid following of listeners to both its growing number of local radio stations and people listening online.

‘I would like to say how much I love Vision. I have it on 24/7 which means I go to sleep listening to it and wake up hearing it. I find that it so encouraging, inspiring, infilling and so good to start each day. I am completely lost without it—it's like a part of me is missing. I love the music, the speakers; everything about it is a gift from God.’ B

‘I have been an avid listener to Vision for some years. I want to thank you all so much for the many hours of not only extremely pleasurable listening, but for the building up of my faith and the excitement of seeing the network spread throughout the country.’ K

This new station is the 689th relay station in Australia’s fast-growing national Christian radio network. It is also the 99th station in NSW.

Vision Christian Radio is brought to you by Vision Christian Media

For more information, visit www.vision.org.au or contact freecall 1800 00 777 0

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