Ever wanted to build your own guitar

Have you ever thought of building your own guitar or ukelele ? Scott Leary, a luthier at Evergreen Guitars in Dalmeny has an open weekend this weekend at his studios and workshop in Dalmeny showcasing his Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele Kits.

"The constant feedback we get from people is that they think building a guitar is above their ability” says Scott Leary, luthier at Evergreen Guitars in Dalmeny. “When I tell them that anyone can build one, and that I will guide them through the process, they quickly change there minds and become very interested. Anyone can do it, and they will have my full support", "I have taught people from all backgrounds and ages, one guy Alan came to me with absolutely no prior experience at all, he was simply looking for a new hobby for his up coming retirement, he loved it so much he came back 3 times to build one guitar for each of his children, I have always felt blessed to be apart of the that, those instruments that Alan made for his kids will be passed down through generation after generation, can you imagine having a guitar that your Grandparent made you, or better still a Great Grandparent!"

A luthier, by the way, is a person who makes stringed instruments. Interestingly, Scott hasn’t always been a luthier. “I started my working life in the construction industry. I enjoyed it for a while but it became unfulfilling. Ultimately, this is what led me to look for another career path, something that inspired me to get up in the morning.” Scott decided the solution probably lay somewhere in his greatest interests. “I love guitars. I always have. The way they look, the sound they make, the people that play them. What’s not to Love? Another love of mine is woodworking, creating something with my hands. I love the look on someone’s face when you tell them, Yeah, I made that,"

However, for Scott, becoming a trained luthier wasn’t as straightforward as he might have hoped. “It was not an easy process, because at the time, information was limited and what information was around was quite contradictory and confusing. “I just didn’t know where to start, so after spending over $20,000 on courses, tooling, machinery (and so forth), I started building guitars. I thought ‘there has to be a simpler way’. Well there wasn’t then.” Now there is. Scott has set up Evergreen Guitars.

Evergreen Guitars offer three ways to get your own custom guitar. For those who want to have a crack at home there are guitar and ukulele kits designed for people of all skill levels. Even if you have no experience at all, there is a step-by-step instruction booklet, plus everything you need to build the guitar. “No tools, no experience. No worries. It is all provided in the kit, and if you do get stuck, we are just an email away.”

In addition to the kits there are full-time and part-time guitar building classes held in a state-of-the-art workshop in Dalmeny. Scott is there to guide you through the entire process. "What you learn in these course's will set you up to be able to continue building guitars for as long as you like."

The third method on offer is you can have a guitar or ukulele custom handmade. Pick out your own choice of timbers, have it designed to suite your own preferred playing style, there is really nothing comparable to a custom handmade instrument.

Additionally, Evergreen Guitars offer repairs and restorations of musical instruments.

Evergreen Guitars are having an Open Day on Saturday June 10. Head to 4/14 Acacia Cl, Dalmeny between 10am and 2pm and become inspired. Sign up on the day and save 15% on all courses and kits The Beagle is happy to support Scott and his endeavours by publishing his flyer below.

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