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Broulee Runners Wed 31st May

The cold chill of winter did not deter 65 people, who came to walk or run in this evening’s event. We even had three dogs to pull their owners to the finish.

We welcomed the Berry family of Ebony, Jade and Jackie, the Lasscock family of Harper and Sam, and Mary Anderson to their first run with the group.

It was also family day with personal best times recorded this evening starting with the Johnston family of Aiden, Cat and Selby; the Kay family Aiden, Connor and Finn; Newans family of Jasmine and Lisa Newans; the Pettit family of Morgan and Susan.

Individual PBs were also recorded by Simone Elliott; Mia Lasscock; Dylan Holmes and Riley Beby.

This family event continues to attract good numbers no matter what the weather.

The very young and not so young and elite athletes can participate and enjoy the experience.

Above: And they're off....... Lower left.. Tess Klower, Lower Right ... Daniel Beby. Photos by John Hicks


2 Kilometres

Scott Elliott 9.21

Selby Johnston 9.48

Simone Elliott 9.51

Connor Kay 10.01

Mia Lasscock 10.25

Finn Kay 10.33

Kristen Kay 10.34

Mitchell Beby 10.41

Lara Elliott 10.58

Erin Domeny 11.21

Tiffany Johnston 11.21

Patrick Wade 12.14

Declan McPherson 12.17

Amber Domeny 13.14

Harper Lasscock 13.28

Sam Lasscock 13.51

Lisa Newans 13.54

Harry Cregan 14.25

David McCann 15.15

Makayla Wade 15.55

Victoria Fleming 16.31

Nina McPherson 17.43

Andrew McPherson 17.44

Joan McPherson 17.48

Rachael Wade 17.52

Aiden Johnston 18.08

Cat Johnston 18.08

Tarren Elliott 20.50

Karen Ryan 21.16

Callum Elliott 21.16

Kim Young 21.37

Kylie Young 21.37

Bob Young 21.37

Jamie Edwards 21.47

Damia O’Loughlin 21.47

Ebony Berry 22.42

Jade Berry 22.42

Jackie Berry 22.42

3.5 Kilometres

Aiden Kay 17.54

Tess Klower 18.01

Mary Anderson 18.54

Jasmine Newans 19.12

Amy White 19.15

Ross Hayward 19.25

Julianne Domeny 21.19

Dylan Holmes 22.09

Robyn Kennedy 27.06

Susan Pettit 33.19

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.23

Riley Beby 23.10

Morgan Pettit 23.57

Greg Flood 24.37

Cooper Lasscock 27.30

John Hicks 28.44

Mike Kennedy 33.51

65 starters

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