At the bottom of the Fifth Box

Dear Beagle Editor, Thank you for finally being a place where the average person in the street can be kept informed of what the #$@# is happening in Council without having to wade through all the padding, acronyms, double speak and bumph. This time I waded my own way through the agenda for the last meeting and had to laugh out loud when I arrived at the very last page of all of the reports and attachments to find the Mayoral and Councillor Fees and Expenses January 2017 - March 2017. It reminded me of "Yes Minister" series where James Hacker discovers Sir Humphrey's technique of swamping his Minister with paperwork, thus effecting the desired state of "creative inertia" by specifically burying key things in the bottom of his fifth red box of correspondences and reports to read. This is the last page in the fifth box located at the very bottom of the pile.

Of particular interest is Clr Pollock's $1282.00 internet and phone calls. Who knows what James Thomson “Other” $126.00 costs are but his travelling allowances are very high bringing him in at second place in the 2017 Eurobodalla Pecuniary Stakes. Name and address supplied