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Dearest Catherine - some answers please

Dearest Catherine, Though we all understand just how incredibly busy you are working out ways to show us all how totally fab you are at spending money for little if any gain or micro-managing Council and the Councillors there are several questions that you continue to ignore. If the Mystery Shopper was given a chance to ask you or your senior staff the following very simple questions they would give you a well deserved F because for some reason, time and time again, from many different quarters and ratepayers these questions have been ignored.

Once more, now that we have the attention of the Mystery Shopper would you kindly advise, in regards to the $2 million loan that you took out to buy the Batemans Bay Bowling Club site:

  1. Who is the lender.

  2. What is the interest rate.

  3. What are our monthly repayments on the above loan.

  4. What is the total of our repayments to date.

  5. What is the balance of our loan.

  6. Has council decided on any short term interim use for the building/grounds in an attempt to bring in some revenue. Answers to the above MUST be made public so that we can all see where our money is going and how much YOUR decisions are COSTING US.

We also await advice in relation to the recent questions raised regarding legal fees. At your earliest convenience..... before it all becomes quite sticky... (names and addresses supplied)