Water...free from the skies but it costs the earth when it lands

Dear Beagle Editor, My old worm farm was starting to collapse....it had served me well for 5 years so I jumped at the offer via council for a , low priced, replacement. I assumed that councils deal here was to encourage us to cultivate home gardens and in doing so reduce organic waste.....there was a bit of a delay between paying for the worm farm and no, I didn't charge interest on councils holding of my money as they quickly do on any overdue account. I found it amusing that it finally arrived on the same day as an almost $300 water usage charge...a result of my summer gardening efforts. It was a rather eye catching little worm farm, bright lime green and made from a very low grade plastic that will decompose more quickly than the food scraps inside...but hey.....it was cheap. What did annoy me a bit was after musing over this charge for water using was the realization that most of that charge was for simply H2O that had fallen from the skies (the infrastructure for delivery already being paid for with a hefty chunk of my general rates. My question is what gives council the right to charge us for something that falls freely from the skies....there is no cost to them unless there is actually a God and she/he charges council for sending it down....via heavenly Eftpos????? I fear that soon someone from the Taj will twig that the air we breathe is essential to our continued existence and devise a rates charge on that. (name and address withheld)

Is this how council sees rain, dams, pipelines and consumers?