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No Guns Sold Here

Dear Editor, So the silence on HuntFest is broken with the happy news that “HuntFest Stalls booked in record time” (Bay Post 21/4) Also, it would seem with a record number of gun dealers among their number! Great for the South Coast Hunters club, the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia and for a local council concerned only with unproven financial gain and not for the long term benefit of the community they have been elected to serve. No more attention (community engagement) has been given to this damaging event than if it had been as inconsequential as a “Teddy bears’ picnic as one councillor claimed. A festival of hunting and killing animals, however much it may be disguised as just another family friendly activity, is harmful to the well-being of the community and the environment, and to our well-earned reputation as the Nature Coast. Speak out before it’s too late and a child is injured by a gun sold from a public building in the heart of Narooma, native animals are shot by recreational hunters, or holiday makers, tourists and home-owners decide this is no longer the idyllic place they once knew "Billie" Name and address withheld by editor