Out in the Cold

Dear Beagle Editor,

Friday was a very sad day for the aquarobics class as the Batemans Bay swimming centre is now closed for about six months. Members will now have to travel to Narooma. Oops! Narooma pool is currently closed for maintenance, so they need to go to Ulladulla (outside the shire) where they will join our champion swimmers who train there most of the year.

Pity the many senior citizens of our community who have benefitted from their exercise in the pool. These people, many of whom are preparing for, recovering from, or trying to stave off hip and knee surgery, are often unable to exercise on land. They will therefore regress over the off-season.

Children who have learnt to swim over summer will forget their lessons and have to start again next season. Those with disabilities (in the Shire which prides itself on being disability friendly) will be taken less frequently to distant pools. These people particularly enjoy their time in water.

How we envy people in the adjacent Shoalhaven Shire, and other country towns, such as Lithgow, Inverell, Bathurst, Katoomba and Forster who benefit from year round pools!

Please can we have an indoor aquatic centre in Batemans Bay soon!

Jennie Hapgood

Batemans Bay.

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