Surfside Saga - Unfinished Business

Dear Beagle Editor, It's been some time since we've had any updates from Mr Sethi on the feared conspiracy theory that Surfside would be flooded. The king tides of the last couple of days have prompted me to ask if any one has heard more since. Maybe Mr Sethi could tell us - - if the water pressure is the same on both sides of the pipes, how did all that water in your last lot of photos get to pool on the Bay side if it hadn't come through the pipes? - what amount of rainfall would he calculate to be required over the creek's catchment to raise its level enough to exceed the road level? Oh! While we're on the subject, it's been five weeks since Mr Sethi's initial letters to ministers and two and a half weeks since his second batch of letters. Have any responses been received, I wonder? If so, I wonder if he might tell us what they were, please? One more thing, please,Mr Sethi, if you are still there, have you heard any results from the latest EPA water tests? Jeff de Jager Coila

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