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Tomakin Sports and Social Club gift Yumaro with a new shed

Yumaro recently received a $5,000 grant from the Tomakin Sports and Social Club which will help them build a new storage shed for their site at Moruya. This shed will assist with holding their Cleaning Cloths that Yumaro have been selling at Bunnings stores nationwide for over 18 months. Mark Brantingham, CEO of Yumaro said, “Glen Rice, the Tomakin Club's CEO and their board has been enormously supportive of Yumaro’s work over the last few years and we are extremely grateful.”

Above: Bags Ready in wheel carts Mark Brantingham secured a contract to make Cleaning Cloths for Bunnings 18 months ago and Yumaro has distributed over 25,000 1.5kg bags of cleaning cloths so far. The employees love their time at Yumaro and making the cleaning cloths has everyone engaged in productive work that contributes to our economy and community. Yumaro buys dry cleaned towelling from Spotless laundries which are then cut into 40cm x 40cm sections and then passed onto the overlockers. The overlockers can then choose different colours to sew the edges of each cloth before they are weighed into 1.5kg bags. The Employees also need to trim the edges and cut off all lose ends. After each bag has been weighed, they are placed into cardboard pallets and that is how they are displayed at each Bunnings Store, ready to be bought by a customer.

Above: Completed bags in pallet This employment initiative has been wonderfully supported by our local clubs, last year the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club and the Tomakin Club assisted Yumaro to purchase a storage container (below) to hold the raw towelling when it comes in from the laundries. This year’s project is all about building storage for the finished product before it is shipped off to Bunnings. Tomakin Sports and Social Club have been a great support for Yumaro over the past 3 years. Glen Rice, Tomakin Club’s CEO said, “Through supporting great projects at Yumaro including the Kitchen for living skills, Raw product storage and now the finished product storage facility, we believe we are assisting in the health and wellbeing for people with a disability. “Employment is such a large contributor and through these programs both new employment and long term employment is being created.”

Above: Blue Storage Container Yumaro’s employees are currently making their second batch of 63 pallets of Cleaning Cloths for NSW. Keep an eye out at your local Bunnings Store for Yumaro’s Cleaning Cloths and support people living with a disability.

Above: Yumaro employees are delighted with the grant for the new shed

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