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Access To Super-Fast NBN Vital For South Coast Business And Jobs

Labor Candidate for Gilmore, Fiona Phillips, has labelled Ann Sudmalis' recent comments on Radio 2ST, highlighted below, about the NBN, as "naive" and showing that Ms Sudmalis has no grasp on the importance and future capability of a super-fast NBN for local businesses and jobs. Mrs Phillips has also called Ms Sudmalis' comments "deeply disappointing" and shows that Ms Sudmalis does not have the knowledge to address unemployment issues in Gilmore. The comments were made to Radio 2ST where it was reported Ms Sudmalis said: "The majority of them are getting 25Mbps down and 5Mbps up because it suits them, so for everyone to say they need 100Mbps that's predominantly gamers and people like architects", (Ann Sudmalis, Radio 2ST, 3rd April 2017) and... "Gamers need a lot of capacity but that's your choice, if you want to sit there doing international game competitions online, you choose" (Ann Sudmalis, Radio 2ST, 3rd April 2017) "Ms Sudmalis fails to take into account businesses right across the Gilmore electorate that need super-fast internet speeds to carry out everyday transactions locally, in Australia and overseas, or to grow their business into national and international markets and to create jobs", Fiona said. "Ms Sudmalis also fails to take into account attracting new businesses to the NSW South Coast that would move their business to the Shoalhaven or the Batemans Bay/Moruya areas if there was a decent super-fast NBN, helping create jobs", Fiona continued. "Not everyone may be "international gamers" but it's certainly "game on" now and into the future for businesses needing to be able to access a reliable super-fast NBN to compete, access greater markets, increase market share and grow jobs", Fiona concluded. Media Release

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