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Broulee Mossy Point Community Association Feb meeting minutes

The minutes from The Broulee Mossy Point Community Association February meeting are now available on their website. Pathway, Council, Dogs, Flood, Art & Trees are some of the topics discussed. General Business Pathway Strategy – expected in March. ESC advised that donation would lift priority up Council’s list. Question asked about what happened to funds which Council had previously earmarked for pathways around Mossy Point. BMPCA to approach Deputy Mayor to follow up status of proposed pathway and also find out how Council would respond to a $7000 donation. Issues about safety of current situation for those on mobility scooters and wheelchairs which currently have to travel on the road. It was suggested that Council could be invited to address the next BMPCA meeting however it was felt that May was too late. North Broulee Toilet Block – draft proposal to redesign the area being developed by Council and Deputy Mayor to ask for proposal so that community can comment. Another issue which needs attention in that area is the ramp from the road to the footpath for use by those with prams, wheelchairs etc is often blocked by parked cars. Broulee Land Development – awaiting report. Connells Close/Annetts Parade – ESC has no plans to add more gravel or change surface at this stage. Many felt that gravel or old road surface which may be removed from upgrade of Sunrise Road could be used to fill either side of the wooden bridge to make it more accessible in wet weather. Area is part of a road reserve and is frequently used by pedestrians, cyclists. Much discussion about improving linkage with Tomakin by refurbishing the existing informal linkage. Need to keep issue alive. Flood level requirements in Broulee. Report expected to Council in April and it will recommend height levels in Broulee will increase by 0.5m in some areas. Question asked whether this applied only to new residences only or construction of additions to existing houses as well. Annetts Parade/George Bass Drive Intersection – Understand Council has carried out survey of intersection, so awaiting feedback. Road surface also needs attention and speed should be reduced to 80 km/hour. A traffic count was suggested. Community concerned about safety. Feedback from Traffic Committee is needed (Deputy Mayor is member). If no action is taken, community should look at petition to improve intersection. Broulee Bay to Breakers Swim 12 March. This is BMPCA’s biggest revenue earner for the year and profits would be directed to Mossy Point pathway. Art on the Path – number of events to be reduced to 3/year and next one will be October 2017. Broulee Sandcastle Competition – many thanks to Deb and John Waser who organised the day and suggested that it should be renamed the Sandcastle Festival. Many thanks too, to Richard Fisher who has organised the event since 2006. CEMAC Report – change to coastal management SEPP proposed by State Government. The new SEPP will replace a number of existing policies however Committee agreed with Council that hazard mapping should be included in the new SEPP. Other Business Dogs on beaches has been recent issue at Long Beach. Letter to ESC last year ignored BMPCA suggestion and advised that the policy will be reviewed in 2019. Strong feeling that more rangers are needed to police non-compliance. Over 150 dogs had been counted in the no dog area at North Broulee over summer holidays. Council is congratulated on the ban on release of balloons from public spaces or Council events because of the impact on marine life and other animals. ESC will advocate for a ban in other Council areas. DA for extension of Telstra building at Connells Close will require some tree removal. Concern about aircraft noise from light planes over Broulee Bay. Need to collate numbers for effective lobbying. Trees being planted in Heath Street – residents will be responsible for pruning and watering if they buy a tree. Concern about size and appropriateness of trees. This proposed planting was discussed at the previous meeting and is being carried out by group of residents in discussion with Council. Next Meeting Thursday 18th May You can learn more of the Association, including membership details, on their website HERE They also have a social media page on Facebook

Broulee Mossy Point Community Association

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