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Old Tuross is changing and not for the better - where are the planners

Dear Beagle Editor My family and I, like many others who live in Tuross Head are in shock at the development we now see in the area surrounding the Tuross boatsheds. We have become aware of the recent sale and another potential development adjacent to the extraordinary development currently under construction on what was once Jimmy Laings goat paddocks above Laings Boatshed and the Redbox. While we understand that any development proposal that complies with the local DCP is not really subject to comment, there are a number of concerns we would like to raise. We believe that these concerns are shared by many Tuross Head residents and visitors alike. The scale and inappropriateness of this development has left many of us shaking our heads and wondering how anything so ludicrously oversized and out of place in terms of materials and design could ever have received approval. Its sheer mass dominates the view as you drive down Trafalgar Rd to what was once one of the great sights of Tuross Head, the view over the lake to Horse Island and of the Boatshed precinct, and it substantially prevents passers by from seeing this busy tourist attraction. There seems to have been no consideration of the heritage value of this precinct in approving what is now commonly referred to as "The Clubhouse", "The Great Monolith" or a number of other much less polite descriptors. Faux Corinthian columns would not immediately occur to me as being consistent with the predominantly timber and fibro clad dwellings that surround it, but perhaps that's just my lack of imagination. Now we understand that the last remaining block of this subdivision, overlooking the Pickled Octopus, if not restricted in height or placed appropriately on the block, has the potential to completely obscure this once glorious view altogether. However, it is not just the view that is at risk. As any South Coast business operator reliant on tourism will tell you, one of the ongoing challenges they face is economic survival during the colder and non-peak months. Any visual barrier that further obscures road traffic from seeing the businesses constitutes a risk, further emphasising the need for very strict adherence to controls on height and setback for any dwelling constructed on the block. Many believe that a better use of this land would have been to expand parking for the large volumes of vehicles that arrive to take advantage of the precinct businesses, however it is appreciated that this may have not been financially viable for Council. Another concern we have is that by allowing residential buildings so close to a cafe/restaurant precinct the same situation that has been hounding the Tern Inn and the Bodalla Hotel for years might be repeated and that nearby residents will move to restrict opening hours and initiate noise complaints that will result in either considerable cost to ameliorate or bring the cessation of music,as is the case of the Bodalla Hotel due to the objections by one nearby person. This area of Tuross Head is a commercial precinct. Council appears to want to close it down however, piece by piece, as they alreday attempted to do surreptitiously by removing the commercial zoning of Laings Boatshed under the last LEP. It must be remembered that this precinct is the primary tourism draw card of the township. Where on earth is the long term planning? Does Eurobodalla Council even have Town Planners anymore? The old Tuross Progress hall is gone and that land is now subdivided into two blocks. The old pink historic weatherboard house on the hill has just been demolished and we hear that there will be a two story place going up in its place in coming months. Old Tuross is certainly changing. Cheers {name supplied}

Above: What once was - big wide view - with Jimmy Laing's goat shed on the wide open block above his home and boatshed

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