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To the councillors who do not support the fossil fuel industry

Dear Beagle Editor Some time ago I wrote about a small business in Adelaide that had seen iits energy costs go through the roof. This followed Clr Mc Ginlay motion to ban council investments in the fossil fuel industry. The feel good factor.There was a predictable response from the Greens and the left ,but one is still left puzzled by the councillors decision. Take for example an Australian company called Cargill.They export most of their products of wheat, barley,malt and canola.They compete in a very competitive international market. They have an oilseed crushing business in Melbourne, and have just been notified of a 100 % increase in the price of gas.In NSW their gas prices are going up by 25% and an increase of 50% for electricity over the next twelve months. Perhaps the move to renewable sources has been too hasty,and not very well thought out.But we are heading for a complete shambles over supply and the councillors who voted for this motion should ask themselves if they really knew what they were doing. G Plews