Tomakin Fishing Club report - March 2017

"Inclement conditions", that's the phrase that was being repeated for the monthly comp of March. The swell was up and the wind was howling across any body of water bigger than a kids swimming pool.

We generally see lower numbers attend the weigh-ins when the weather is less than favorable but I commend those who braved the elements and enjoyed themselves. I pay tribute particularly to the Peard the family for getting out and having a go even if the fish weren't biting.

This month's junior monthly sponsored products was squid jigs. All our juniors are encouraged to catch their bait to go fishing with but squid are delicious too so there is the added bonus of providing a yummy meal for the table. A big thanks to Harry and Kim Bingley for this month's sponsorship and as always Anthony at Compleat Angler Batemans Bay for looking after the club month after month.

On with the results.

Species out of the bag was 1. Kingfish, 2. Snapper and 3. Morwong.

1. Kingfish, none captured. 2. Snapper, Trevor Brown, 490 grams 3. Morwong, none captured.

Blue water Cock of the walk Trevor Brown with his Snapper

Junior Cock of the walk Tom Cargill with a Dusky Flathead of 470 grams.

Spearfishing Cock of the Walk None, because you would be insane for go for a dive on this day.

Rock, Beach and Estuary Cock of the Walk Justin Evans with a Salmon of 1 kilo.

Overall Cock of the Walk for the month of March Justin Evans with his Salmon.

I hope next months weather turns out to be much more favorable for all our members. The spearos with 20 meters visibility and flat seas for those in a boat. If you ever have any questions regarding the fishing club remember I am only one phone call away.

Tight lines and sharp spears

Adam Martin, President

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