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Mum's the word on Trophy Fishing

The DPI have released a video promoting the safe and effective release of Trophy Flathead. In recent months there has been much said on Trophy Flathead fishing and much of it has been critical of the capture and kill of trophy fish or of the poor handling techniques of safely returning the fish to the water once it has been caught and photographed. With an ever increasing tourism focus on our South Coast waterways, especially Tuross Lake that has recently been identified as a Trophy Fish Location it is essential that an education campaign be put in place that reminds recreational fishers of the rules around "Trophy Fish" with both their capture and release. In coming weeks the Tuross Head Fishing Club will be hosting their annual Flathead and Bream competition which is CATCH AND RELEASE only. Enjoyed by over 250 competitors the event is a fantastic way to educate recreational fishers and to reinforce that sustainable fishing competitions are fun, rewarding, make a very positive financial contribution to a community while also being environmentally responsible. Jo Starling, a resident fishing journalist, Australia wide fishing identity and currently a member of the Batemans Marine Park Advisory Committee has been working with husband Steve Starling on this proactive and educational Department of Primary industry video advising the most effective methods of catch and release for Dusky Flatheads to ensure the survival of these breeding females. Jo and Steve worked together on the script, all illustration and animation with Jo on sound editing, all produced in Jo's studio. Jo notes on her webpage "I'd like to thank Greg Reid and Big E (legendary Basin fishos) for contributing to the background work and for all the years of research and development that has gone into confirming the viability of this method."

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