The Somedays - Tamworth Country Music Festival 2017

Well known local 7 piece band THE SOMEDAYS donned their cowboy boots to represent the South Coast at this years Tamworth Country Music Festival playing 10 shows in 9 days. Although still a little weary from their adventure we caught up with them just after their return from the tour. Q. How did you guys get involved in the Tamworth Country Music Festival? You are not exactly all country. A. We were lucky enough to catch the eye of one of the major promoters up there who were looking for something a bit different for this years festival and booked us our shows within a week of contacting us. Q. How did you find the experience? A. First rate sound and stage crew, great venues but especially great audiences who for them it was all about the music. We met so many wonderful people as well as getting to see some awesome music and bands ourselves (on a very limited down-times that is). We played on 7 different stages over the 10 days, playing all of our original songs and not once did we get asked to play a cover. We got to share the stages and rub shoulders with some greats. The McClymonts played after us at one shows and we played after James Blundell another stage at another show, which was a huge highlight for us. Q. And how did the fans like you? A. We ended up having quite a few groups of people that would follow us around from gig to gig and met and made some awesome new friends and fans. Signing autographs and CDs and souvenir programmes and getting our pics taken with fans and for the press was all a bit weird at first but we took it in our stride. Our favourite part was talking to all the nice folks that came along to our music and finding out where they were from and some of their stories. We were described by some very nice people as “fave band of the festival”, & “the find of the festival”, which is quite mind blowing considering the amount and high standard of talent and music happening all night and day. Q. What was your favourite part of the festival? A. Walking down the iconic Peel Street seeing all of the buskers especially the younger kids having a go. Some real talent there to look out for. Also seeing some homegrown support from our Eurobodalla fans helped us ward of the homesickness. Q. And your least favourite? A. It was all great but we did find the heat a little hard to deal with. We missed our sea breeze especially on those outside stages when it was over 40 degrees. Q. And you took your latest released CD with you. How was that received. A. Yes we had our two CDs available as well as band TShirts from each CD. They all sold really well and we have had lots of private messages saying they listened to the Cds on their drive home from the festival and absolutely loved them Q. And what’s next for The Somedays? A. We are hoping to hit the studio again soon and get working on our 3rd Album and we’ve got some major announcements coming out real soon for some big shows and Festivals around the country we are playing at this year as well as lots of local shows. Like us on Facebook to keep up with what coming up next..

Above: Somedays band members Mark Maranion, Alec Mitchell, Cindy Reed, Kylie Emmett, Rob Hamilton,Linda Ferrier and Mitch Cowley

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