Meet Gabeski and Hutch - Vlogger and social commentator

Media as we know it is taking a variety of very interesting twists and turns. The old format of printed news is nearly as dead as a dodo - long before it goes to print it is already yesterday's news. New generations want NOW and they want relevant. They want it on mobile phones and tablets it has to be short and sharp. The fact is that fewer Millennials engage in mainstream news than any other generation and that they choose to follow offbeat sources such as Vice and alternate social media steams of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to keep informed. You might not be aware of the huge fan base that builds around Video Loggers - Video Bloggers who use Youtube and Vimeo to bring social commentary to the surface of the things that are important to a generation that is most often not represented in main stream media. Gabeski And Hutch from Merimbula is one such Vlogger who has already caught the attention of the Bega Shire and is gaining wider audience in the Eurobodalla following a recent interview on ABC South East and the Viral Thong Fight Gone Wrong The Beagle will be welcoming the Vlogs of Gabeski and Hutch and celebrating that social engagement for Millennials and Gen Xers is MORE than irrelevant newspapers and tired old formats - this is the new face for a new generation and this generation has as much to say in the way things unfold in our South Coast communities as all the other generations before them and Vloggers such as Gabeski And Hutch give them a voice in the way they understand and the format they access. .

We start at Episode #36 with Gabriel talking with Simon from ABC South East Radio - enjoy

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