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Editorial February 18th, 2017

Welcome to this week's editorial and Editor's Choice. As you can see we are now using MailChimp for our mailouts as our subscriber list has grown dramatically. Welcome aboard to all of our new readers. The Beagle daily news website has recently seen the addition of a Sports section, a Music section, and a Book section adding to our new Classifieds and steadily building Trades directory. We welcome Bev Dunne, a local nutritionist as a weekly Guest Contributor to our Food page and Bill Radley as a Financial advice columnist submitting periodic articles on all things investment. Trevor Moore is an excellent book reviewer and has taken up residency in our Book page while also contributing articles of humour, recipes, and restaurant reviews. This week's Beagle Editorial takes a look at the hoohar around the opening of a new mega-store in Batemans Bay and asks if it is a time to celebrate or commiserate. Be sure to visit The Beagle daily news website and catch up on all the news of the past week and please explore our new additions meet our new contributors.

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