Abalone vandalism

The Editor, We regularly see stories that get peoples hackles up but not since the Charcoal plant have I heard the general public so infuriated about an issue and that being the story (Narooma News online) ran last week on the major abalone bust in Sydney. Do Mr Brierley and Mr Nye really expect the general public to be that stupid that they’ll actually buy that rubbish.This bloke has over 3000 abalone,a large number being undersized with apparently no legal right to be trading in them and now hes been caught these supporters are going to play the race card once again. Most people these days recognize cultural heritage and accept the past and its only the system that holds up further progress but this stuff just widens the gap again in the general community. I dive and there are regulations we all abide by simply to protect the environment itself and no one whether black,white or brindle owns the resource but mother nature herself does.If these traditional owners say they have the right because their forefathers were here first and yet we cant then is that not rascism in itself. To call this bloke a martyr is an insult as he is just another environmental vandal.To say they should be able to take whatever they like is another insult to the environment.Mr Brierley states that his people are living in poverty and have bills to pay,well surprise Mr Brierley so have all the broader community who get up everyday and work their butts off while others reap the benefits of that. You say its ecologically sustainable to continue these practices so where does that information come from Mr Brierley.He also states that they will take this to the high court so who is going to pay for that Mr Brierley. The wider community is sick to death of mixed cultures hiding behind the race card everytime it suits them.You cant go forward if you keep looking back. Pete Ward.. Moruya Editors Note: Beagle Readers are encouraged to read this related article Alternate facts, post truth and abalone