Malcolm won't answer local questions

MALCOLM TURNBULL WON’T ANSWER SERIOUS QUESTIONS AT NOWRA SHOW I’m pleased that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull came to Nowra today, but disappointed that he wouldn’t answer some serious questions. “There are some serious questions that the people of this area need answers to. In Gilmore we have the 3rd highest number of pensioners of any electorate in the country so Mr Turnbull needs to explain why he has cut their pensions. We have an extremely high 20.9% youth unemployment in this region and a lack of TAFE courses. Mr Turnbull needs to explain why he has cut $1 billion from apprenticeship programs. We have strong support for Marriage Equality in this area. Why won’t Mr Turnbull let his MPs have a free vote on the issue?” I see Mr Turnbull was in Nowra at the show. I’ve been glad to go to the Nowra Show for forty six years. I was there for my daughter who was exhibiting. She won four art prizes and I’m very proud of her. FIONA PHILLIPS, LABOR SPOKESPERSON FOR GILMORE

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