Liberal cuts hurt Eden-Monaro Schools


Parents are sending their kids off to school in the hope that they’ll get the good education they deserve but Mr Turnbull’s cuts to schools will simply leave our local schools worse off.

Mr Turnbull and his Liberals are cutting $30 billion from schools nationwide – local schools right here in Eden-Monaro are set to lose more than $15 million.

This means fewer teachers, less one-on-one attention and students left behind all across our community.

P&Cs and our wider community spend so much time fundraising for our schools because we know that proper resources make such a huge difference to the learning outcomes of our kids.

But Mr Turnbull and his Liberals are cutting funding from schools because they think you should only get a good education if you can afford to pay.

They’ve cut it before and they’ll cut it again – you just can’t trust Mr Turnbull’s Liberals on education.

Mr Turnbull’s Liberals have chosen to spend money on a tax cut for big business and the banks, rather than supporting the future of our kids.

Labor believes getting a good education is so important for our kid’s future. Labor believes education is critical to ensure Australia has a strong economy with secure jobs.

I will always fight to defend resources for our students, teachers and schools. Media Release from THE HON DR MIKE KELLY AM MP SHADOW ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR DEFENCE INDUSTRY AND SUPPORT MEMBER FOR EDEN-MONARO

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