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Kings Highway accidents - Jan 28th

The Kings Highway is really copping it today An accident involving a car and truck at Old Bolaro Road this afternoon.

Earlier today there was other accident further up the Clyde around Pooh Corner/ Government Bend which remains under Live Traffic advice.

About 8am (Saturday 28 January 2017), a truck travelling south on the Kings Highwayhas rolled.

The male truck driver and sole occupant of the vehicle died at the scene.

Police are reminding road-users that although Australia Day has finished, Operation Safe Return and double-demerits will continue until Sunday.

On Australia Day (Thursday 26 January 2017) - Day Two of Operation Safe Return – there were no fatal crashes recorded throughout the day; however, drivers continue to make poor decisions on our roads.

The death toll this year stands at 22 lives lost in 26 days on NSW roads.

Acting Commander of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy, said that the road toll is sure to increase if people don’t slow down and drive sensibly.

“Australia Day has finished, but Operation Safe Return has not. Police will be out in increased numbers until the end of the weekend enforcing speed, mobile phone, seatbelts, and other behaviours that are costing lives on our roads. Source