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Narooma ducks race for ShelterBox

Narooma ducks race for ShelterBox

So keen were some ducks in this year’s Australia Day Rotary Duck Race, they raced on past the finish line towards the town wharf before they could be retrieved.

Race coordinator John Doyle said the event was a great success with all 1,000 tickets sold, perfect weather, good crowds and a quick race although retrieval too a bit longer this year with the extra distance travelled.

‘We really appreciate everyone’s assistance in running this race from those who bought tickets, to those who helped collect the ducks including members of Narooma Surf Club, and all the spectators who really add to the event,’ he said.

The first duck across the finishing line (out from the end of the boardwalk) was 117; Peter McNoe of Narooma held the corresponding ticket to win $1,000. The last duck was 421 held by Nick Jones of Croydon who wins $100.

Proceeds will purchase at least two ShelterBoxes to provide emergency shelter for families affected by natural or man-made disasters overseas.

Donations will also be made to Narooma Surf Club in appreciation of their assistance and to Bermagui CRABS (Cancer Research Advocate Bikers) who lent us the ducks.

ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity funded by Rotary clubs and donors around the world. Each ShelterBox costs about $1,000 and provides shelter, warmth and dignity for up to 10 people for a prolonged period.

ShelterBoxes have been transported to remote areas by boat, helicopter and even camel.

Narooma has bought ShelterBoxes in the past that have been sent to the Philippines, Haiti, Korea, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Burma and China in response to disasters.

Above: One thousand ducks take the plunge off Narooma Bridge on Australia Day.

Above: Race official Bob Aston holds up the winning duck – 117.

Above: Narooma Surf Club members Sammy Bate, left, Cecelia Colom-Davis, Emily Bate and skipper skipper Ben Bate hand over retrieved ducks to Narooma Rotarian Bob Aston.

Above: Rotarians Charmaine White, left, Lynn Hastings, Mike Young and helper Steve Deck bring in the stragglers caught up under the boardwalk and in Mill Bay.

Above: Retrievers of the more adventurous ducks were Helen Brush, left, Rachel McInnes, Charmaine White and Merinda Antill.

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