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Bega Valley Shire to flouridate

Dear Beagle Editor, Bega Valley Shire Council is bulldozing its way to fluoridating town water supplies, untainted and pure since inception. Council refers to an extended “consultation” period before councillors vote on the matter. Are they kidding? Council have employed (at some expense) an outsourced contractor, Hunter H2O, that is clearly an avowed corporate proponent of fluoridation, to manage a “consultative” process. Hunter H2O is not a neutral facilitator. Is Council flouting democratic process and disregarding an obvious conflict of interest? Is the projected establishment cost of a fluoridation plant really $750,000? Added on-costs of consumables, maintenance, quality control, monitoring, training, OH&S, hazardous chemical handling, public liability insurance, workers’ compensation and transport? Public records state there has been significant over-dosing at Shire fluoridation plants already. Water fluoridation requires imprecise dosages of Schedule 6 hazardous industrial waste, hexafluorosilicic acid (HFSA), direct from phosphate fertilizer and aluminium smelting smokestacks, linked to cumulative long-term human toxicity, including fluorosis, bone, brain, thyroid, kidney, liver, nerve ailments and retarded growth in children. Colgate warns children under 2 should NOT use fluoride toothpaste, and sells fluoride-free toothpaste in the USA - not in Australia. Water fluoridation has not been scientifically proven to assist dental health according to the latest World Health Organisation data. Over 95% of the world’s population does NOT fluoridate municipal water supplies. Last year 850,000 US citizens ditched water fluoridation. Globally the trend is against fluoridation - a costly, toxic failure. For those who choose fluoride there are tablets, toothpaste and dentist therapy; easily accessed and far cheaper for rate-payers! Where we reside at least half of all residents vehemently oppose fluoridation. Several thousand signatures on petitions will be presented to Bega Valley Council. Make your views known to council by signing a petition and sending a signed letter, withdrawing your consent to enforced medication pursuant to NSW Health Department policy directive PD2005_406. Rob Slazenger BERMAGUI Editors Note: Further reading material was provided with this letter to the Editor. Eurobodalla Shire Councilors are advised to familiarise themselves with the information below and to keep abreast of the strong Bega community move to block fluoridation because, if they suceed there will be an immediate ground swell in Eurobodalla to remove the fluoride from drinking water as well as there was NO public consultation carried out nor is there any policy that sees the revision of fluoridation in the Shire in terms of measurable outcomes and of financial burden to ratepayers.

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