About the Book - Merimbula March 2017

You are a book lover. You may be an avid reader, or an author. An editor, or a bookseller.

About the Book is a festival celebrating all aspects of the book embracing all books, old and new, in whatever form they take.

About the Book is about:

– those who author, design and publish them

– those who sell, deal, and distribute them

– those who read, collect and repurpose them

About the Book embraces any style and form of the book: graphic, comic, picture, text, fold out, grimoires or whatever manifestation the book happens to take, in both traditional and new media, embracing and celebrating what has happened in the past, while anticipating the future.

Our first event is planned for March 2017 in Merimbula, on the far south coast of NSW. There is a Contact form to register your interest and About the Book has a website and Facebook page.

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