Robert Susz - Jan 12th, 2017

Robert Susz Blues & Boogaloo Party live in the Twist Lounge - Jan 12th, 2017 "Continental" Robert Susz (ex Dynamic Hepnotics & The Mighty Reapers -singer, harmonica player & songwriter) has assembled his latest soul/blues/downhome funk combo "The Boogaloo Party". Playing a combination of "Continental" Robert's compositions (including his national SMASH HIT "Soul Kind Of Feelin'") & treasures from the SOUL & BLUES vaults by artists like Ray Charles, James Brown, Muddy Waters, Cutis Mayfield, B.B. King, Joe Simon, the Boogaloo has been turning on audiences with its electrifying, soul charged, R'N'B workouts around the country.


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